One of the best kept architectural secrets in the
Chicagoland area. Tri-K has won awards, built unique
neighborhoods, created mesmerizing work and living
experiences throughout the west coast.

The Problem

Tri-K’s business was at a low due to their passion to create timeless buildings. In venturing into work that was truly original, they were risking a lot. They needed a way to make their work known.


Create a logo and website design that showcases Tri-k’s experience and genius.

After many different logo variations, the client came to love the
simplicity of the final design.

Color Palette

PT Sans Pro Bold


PT Sans Pro Light


PT Sans is a simple, but versatile font. This font looks very
professional on websites, especially in creating categories.
This type face is probably used above all, on road signs,
general signage and other communication design objects
in the urban environment.

Organize and execute:

Our photographer and brand strategist met with Tri-K to layout job names and locations. After coming to a clear understanding of what work we could showcase on the website, we went to 18 locations to capture their timeless design.

Picture – Perfect

In having concrete visuals of what Tri-K has accomplished, we had to provide a simplistic user experience to showcase their work. Every page of this design was done simple and with elegance. We also, added a very cool pre-loader and subtle animations to give it some edge.


Client: Tri-K Development
Owner: James Corso
Production Company: Rumi Web Design
Lead Designer: Alexey Myshkoriz
Lead Developer: Omprakash Kumawat
Project manager: Sanjana Kumawat
Designer: J. K Gothwal
Designer: VK Bagra
Developer: Shubham Sharma
Website Strategist: Lawrence Corso
Photographer: Javier Ramirez