Time’s change great food doesn’t. Tore and Luke’s is 20 plus years young. They hold a fast food feel, with quality food. In Palatine Illinois, everybody knows about them.

The Problem

With a great restaurant comes great responsibility. They needed something more than what they’ve been doing for the past 20 years. They wanted to adapt and expand.


Rebrand and create a family friendly and unique experience to the good people of Palatine IL and surrounding areas.

We used recognizable messaging throughout the Tore and Luke’s branding
to convey familiarity and a family encouraging environment.

Acrom Bold


Acrom Regular


Acrom is not merely mechanical, it can also be
recognized as a natural typeface with subtle geometric
aesthetics. The humanist quality of the font aids
legibility across both text and display work. Acrom’s
main characteristics lie in the injection of stylistic forms
that enhance its individuality without overpowering
the font’s functional purpose and integrity. The font
can be tamed utilizing the set of alternative characters
available within the typeface.

A Memorable Atmosphere

We used a winning combination of videography and custom animations to gather intrigue. This allowed their customers to picture themselves having a memorable experience at Tore and Luke’s. We designed this website with the aim to keep the tradition alive in a new light.

The menu options were exceedingly high. Because of this, we had to organize the menu items and pictures with discerning design. We created a separate catering and daily menu for a clearer experience. We also added their famous Italian beef recipe on design, to demonstrate their authenticity.

The material for these cards are a velvety smooth texture. The color choice was a bright yellow to make Tore and Luke’s stand out. We also added some messaging on the cards to show their personality. The goal was to make the recipient get a comfortable, bright feeling when interacting with the Tore and Luke’s brand.


Client: Tore and Luke’s
Owner: John Pisano
Production Company: Rumi Web Design
Lead Designer: Alexey Myshkoriz
Lead Developer: Omprakash Kumawat
Project manager: Sanjana Kumawat
Designer: J. K Gothwal
Designer: VK Bagra
Developer: Shubham Sharma
Website Strategist: Lawrence Corso
Photographer: Javier Ramirez