From traveling to small villages in
Africa to provide dental care – to
serving the local communities of
Chicago. McGonigle Dental has taken
their craft to another level to make
the world a better place.

The Problem

Most dental practices are very similar when it comes to the service they provide and the environment in which they provide it. Dan McGonigle the marketing director of McGonigle Dental had a strong need to differentiate their practice and give a new experience to people in need of dental care. Getting teeth done is a boring and sometimes painful process. How will McGonigle Dental be any different?


Help McGonigle Dental be viewed as a warm and fun place to visit through design.


Client: McGonigle Dental
Owner: Dan McGonigle
Production Company: Rumi Web Design
Lead Designer: Alexey Myshkoriz
Strategist: Lawrence Corso
Photographer: Javier Ramirez