What do plastic cups, tea bags, intravenous bags and headlight lenses have in common? They are just a few of the products that are processed through Chromium Industries rolls and roll systems.

The Problem

After being in business for 70 plus years, Chromium became one of the most trusted names in roll engineering, a very niche industry. However, the changing times led to a new age of business owner they encountered. Their loyal following dwindling. A lot of the new wave were taking the look and feel of a website into consideration before making a purchasing decision. Chromium’s site failed to embody the core tenants of a brand in the modern world. Because of this, they were losing business to their competition.


Regain credibility through branding and web design.

Out with the old, in with the new. We modernized the heck out
of their logo by adding 3d elements and gradient colors.

Color Palette

Myriad Pro Bold


Myriad Pro Regular


Myriad is more of a humanist type font. If used correctly it
can portray the user as more down to earth. It is probably
best known for its usage by Apple Inc.

In order to demonstrate Chromium’s superiority in roll engineering, we needed powerful imagery that showed precision, focus, and ingenuity. Our photographer, having a technical eye for detail and a creative vision, gave us fast results with just one walk through.

Website transformed.

With competitive analysis completed, copy-writing developed, logo established and photography carried out, we were able to have some fun. The design encompasses a user intuitive framework, custom animations, with straightforward messaging and unique graphics. This allowed us to give the industry something completely unique, while re-establishing credibility and creating intrigue.

Helping the plastic industry is Chromium’s bread and butter. We used a quality matte plastic material for their business cards to establish familiarity with their customers. To add a little more edge to the cards, we used metallic ink on the logo to make them further stand out.


Client: Chromium Industries
Owner: Mike Tannura
Production Company: Rumi Web Design
Lead Designer: Alexey Myshkoriz
Lead Developer: Omprakash Kumawat
Project manager: Sanjana Kumawat
Designer: J. K Gothwal
Designer: VK Bagra
Developer: Shubham Sharma
Website Strategist: Lawrence Corso
Photographer: Javier Ramirez